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Looks like they are going to start going through notes (some of my posts are still floating) and start taking down blogs. If you have a post of mine on your blog, delete it. Do not keep that post. Your blog could get taken down. — Ghost

Thank you so much for your suggestion Ghost. I’ve already started a backup of my blog to be sure. 

This is so fucked up i can’t even start to explain. But like a good friend said

“They can try to break us. But they can’t tear us down.”

People, pay attention and do what you need to protect your blogs: it seems that our fandom is under attack. 

Good. That means that we are in the right place. 


If Darren and Chris are dating, Darren is a terrible boyfriend! Chris only present his books twice a year, and Darren just completely stole his thunder in fandom. Now almost no one is talking about STFF, but about Computer Games. Why couldn’t he wait a couple for weeks, when his episode in Supergirl will show? What a supportive boyfriend.

I don’t need words to reply to you Nonnie, these are enough:


Based on everything we’ve been getting with pr lately, do you believe we’re closer or further away from the end of these charades than we thought?

Totally honest? I think we have or better they have still miles to go 🙂 This doesn’t mean that despite all the things that are happening we don’t have to be with our eyes and mind open. Some people might think we are crazy… i think that we are observant and in most cases… also with the proper amount of skills thanks to our jobs and our experiences.

Have a nice day/ night Nonnie 🙂

Did I say that you will immediately deny and try to tinhat it? Don’t I know you people? LOL DENIAL is the name of the game for 6 years in tinhatdom. Of course I’ve read the book. You didn’t get one iota of what Chris writes about. You’ll get it some day, if you’re lucky. Until then, you can deny anything Chris says in plain words in his interviews as “PR”, only so that you can tinhat his stories. I have no doubt you will CC-tinhat even a physics textbook if that was an option. But the CAT IS OUT

OMGEEEE I’m a tinhatter… “i’m so sad” (cit.)  right now that you are accusing me of that!! It’s sarcasm… obviously. Don’t mind me nonnie (i suppose you are the same of the other ask). Enjoy your life. I’m enjoying mine. 

Did you feed the “CAT”? Good. 😉


Sirius Anon

Hope you could get off well thanks to that information. 🙂 i don’t like my hater to be sad… i’m a good person. 😉

And what can i say… I’m perfectly fine and watching the “news” today…2013 here we go again! My body is ready!