lost boy on repeat…. honestly blown away right now… this is what he’s meant to do…


Honestly anon, I am blown away by the entire EP as well as When the Dance is Over.  Amazing, amazing, amazing. Exceeded my already high expectations. I honestly believe there is nothing Darren cannot do. And I cannot wait until he is free so he can truly soar.

You Are The Sunshine Of My Life: I looked into it and found the song you were referring…



I looked into it and found the song you were referring to:


I didn’t note all of the lyrics down, just the parts that stood out to me as extremely offensive. So there you go:

  • “2013 is at your front door, like a Jehovah’s Witness or an unpaid whore.”
  • “despite spending all the cash you earned in 2012 on booze, nicotine, xbox games, illegal narcotics and tranny hookers that you banged behind the Donut Time store […]”

Once again, what I see here is a person that displays sheer disrespect towards women. A person that makes fun of transgendered people. Personally, I don’t know how people can see all this and still excuse his actions or pretend that these facts don’t exist. For me, there’s no mistaking that this guy is a misogynist and a transphobe.

You Are The Sunshine Of My Life: I looked into it and found the song you were referring…


I still can’t believe i’m listening to an original Darren song that isn’t recorded during a concert with screaming fans in the distance.

reblogging again because let’s face it… i think the same every single day since the first time i listened to the EP. 

The good thing about c’s AVPM lie (other than it further highlighting the absurdity of everything) is that it’s CONCRETE PROOF that C, like all celebs, will in fact boldly lie about shit when they need to sell a narrative or cover something up. It totally undermines every argument that if c stated something, it’s fact. i.e. “Glee not a doc” interview, last week’s “confirmation”, etc, does not prove anything.


I agree completely. And he told us in his books that celebrities lie.  Chris is not immune. He has been lying for years.  Just like Darren.