I received a word from Ally some hours ago. I don’t know if you have noticed but her blog (http://socloseyetsofarcc.tumblr.com/) has disappeared. She has not left the fandom. She has not deleted her blog by herself. Tumblr deleted it. She can’t access her account. She can’t even lodge a complaint on the deletion or to talk to them to try to resolve this issue.

Please know that she is shocked, but okay. She is still here. She still supports Chris and Darren very much. She will see any comments you leave on this post if you want to send her some kind words. And if anyone wants to get in touch with her privately, I can relay the message to her.

So… it looks as if our fandom is under attack lately. While I believe most of your blogs should be safe, some of you might want to consider taking certain safety steps if you think your account could be deleted. If you have private blogs, make sure that you are not the only admin. If you have any posts or messages that you don’t want to lose, make backups. If you have friends here, make sure you have other ways to contact them. I would also recommend not using read more since if your blog gets deleted, so will the content behind it.

And finally, I would like to state now the following: If my blog ever gets deleted, I did NOT delete it myself. I have already earlier made the decision to leave this blog as an old archive blog, even if I ever left the fandom (not that I’m planning to leave). I am stating this, so that if I will mysteriously “disappear”, you know why.

What is going ooooon??? I hope Ally is doing fine and Tumblr will look into this. This is just insane. Stay safe guys.


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