Secret Societies Of Hollywood – Full Documentary 

“Being a Hollywood VIP comes with one very important perk – something only money and fame can buy – VIP access. And nowhere is that more important than at the city’s most exclusive clubs and parties.”

“The top night club VIP rooms are difficult to access. You have to know the right person or be the right person. And that’s it. And once you get in there, it’s a free for all. Celebrities let their hair down and it’s a party.”

“The VIP rooms in Hollywood now are sort of obsolete in favor of VIP clubs. So you do smaller clubs that cater to the kings and queens of the city” 

– Dean May and Tony Paley

“May and Paley are two of Hollywood’s most prominent party promoters (for SBE – a luxury hospitality enterprise)…Party promoters hold the keys to the most exclusive venues in the city.They strive to give their celebrity clients not just a safe haven away from the public and paparazzi but also a unique experience…”

“One of our venues, The Sayers Club, you actually go through what used to be a hot dog stand. It’s an indiscriminate front entrance – no signs – and you’re either in or you’re out. There’s no line.”

Leaving The Sayers Club —


““These night clubs are wild and crazy but, believe it or not, they’re just a warm up for what goes on at the even more exclusive after parties.”

“What people don’t know about Hollywood is, even though the bars are shut at 2:00 AM, that’s when things get going – you go to the private house parties. It’s like a high end frat party at some million dollar mansion. At after hours house parties you’re more likely to see celebrities than you would inside the night club because it’s more sheltered. And in the club different people can get in – and at house parties it’s way more controlled…”

To make sure what happens at the party stays at the party:

“In fact, they confiscate your cell phone and they run a metal detector over you to make sure you don’t have any other things that they missed. They also take the batteries out of the cell phones just in case you managed to grab it.” 

– voice of Enty Lawyer (of at 8:56-9:07

“They’ll even sometimes have people sign an NDA, a non-disclosure confidentiality agreement.”

(Remember when Chris said he liked after parties)


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