Darren about “This Time” in July 2015:

“The first time I wrote it, I wrote a line out for each character. I wrote verses that were as hyperspecific as ‘ponytails’ and ‘uniforms’ and things like that… It was that specific to characters we’d actually met. And then, when Ryan wanted it to be more specific for Rachel Berry, it kind of alleviated me of the need for that, to hit everybody.

It was nuts for many reasons. Very typical behind-the-scenes story of how things are created. It turned out great, but there was a whole kerfuffle because I did think it was going to be for more people and we spent a whole day doing this really beautiful, thick background vocal session that was very lush and was really time consuming. And this is a shout out to all our studio singers, we spent a whole day and people spent time away from their families and doing things that they would rather do, all day slaving over this huge, huge background vocal that we had to cut and – while it was a slap in the face to all of them, and I felt very guilty – you know hearing her vocal on it as a solo, oh this is great, this is how it needed to be, I have the luxury of saying that now with a bit of hindsight and retrospect but at the time I was like, oh man, I’m going to piss off so many people.”

Darren about “This Time” in December 2015 (LP video):

“Last year around this time I finally said, you know what, I got nothing to lose. I went to Ryan Murphy, the big boss man, and said, ‘what do you think of writing a song for this? I might write it for Lea and see how it goes. If you don’t like it, my feelings won’t be hurt’. So I ended up writing what would be Lea Michele’s last song on the show, ever. [LP: And it had a lot of depth to it.] That was so funny because I was writing specifically for her so I kind of had a lot of the grunt work done and after, like, looking into my soul I was writing for her and to get to that level was extremely gratifying. It made me really, it was really encouraging as a songwriter. This is something I might wanna do more and more.”

Make up your mind Darren.
In more ways than one.

July 2015: Darren alone in his NY house, without manager or “duties”

December 2015: Darren with management (a good video, btw). 

That’s why people need to understand how his “working” world works.


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