Watching some old interviews of Darren and Chris, I came across this interview related to the People magazine shoot. And I quickly realized something quite interesting.

In the interview, Darren is describing his perfect date night: “Perfect date depends on who the person is really. It would involve probably a lot of conversation. I’m very basic. I love going to the theater so I would like to go to see a play or see a musical anywhere and afterwards have some dinner and talk about it. Kind of really talk about what we just experienced. Conversation is probably the most important part of a date for me.”

This sounds familiar. Darren has said that after his first day on set, he went to a concert and dinner with Chris. So coming back to his previous comment, just replace a play/musical with a concert, add dinner and conversation, and we have pretty much proven that they had the perfect first date (at least in Darren’s opinion) whether it was intended as a date or not.


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