Yes Tyler has had a hard on crush for Darren for years – and please he calls it “Getting Intimate With Darren Criss

And states they are “doing it”

Yes Chris has been possessively jealous about Tyler (and why wouldn’t he be – Tyler can do EVERYTHING that Chris cannot – talk about Darren – talk about how hot he is – talk about marriage, ect.)

Chris does not hate tyler – Chris HAS Darren – and if he had to choose between what Tyler has and what he has – I assure you he would choose the later.

That said (as apparently that has been a source of frustration – like “why would Darren even do this”)

I don’t know why Darren did this interview

but here are the reasons I enjoyed it (and I will upfront say I am not a huge Tyler fan – but that has no bearing here)

  1. I HIGHLY doubt Darren’s PR set this up – this was Darren’s decision and he did it!
  2. Darren was relaxed and having a good time
  3. Darren was using HIS words and HIS language in an interview – haven’t seen that in awhile
  4. Darren felt free to be himself – and he was
  5. This is the Darren I heard showed at G4 – and this is the Darren I will await for again on the RC, ect when he is free to do again.
  6. And I just love seeing the ring!

The interview itself – was HIGHLY edited!!! Tyler doesn’t have the equipment to make perfect edits – and the places and times the edits took place can definitely raise some eyebrows –

Lets explore! 😉

  • (4.01) T: “ Who are the best people you ever met through glee?” (edit done?!) Darren says three people – but it was edited between ALL three?! And he says Kermit the frog – I mean that was cool – but REALLY? Some thing is amiss


Let’s count the edits


4:34 – 5:21

Questions asked:11

Questions Answered:10 (ran out of time on last question)

Points Awarded: 11 

Darren gave him a score of 11 cause that is how many papers he had in front of him when done.

Edits: 5 (Important to NOTE – ALL edits on Tylers questions – occurred AFTER he answered them – so for transitions only!!)


5:32 – 6:20

Questions asked: 13

Questions Answered:12 (last questions asked – but ran out of time for answer)

Points awarded: 14

based on Tyler picking up the sheets of paper and counting them –

*******So one question was edited out entirely****

Edits Done: (I separated them into categories – unlike Tyler’s – they were not ONLY the transitions where edits occurred)

Question was asked – but before he could answer it was edited:

  • If you cold switch lives with anyone for a day – who would it be? (Beyoncé just to see what it would be like)
  • Best animated movie (the little mermaid)
  • Favorite Dessert (fried Bananas… I don’t know)
  • If you could have one super power what would it be (To fly)

Question asked -he answered it – then edited to transition into the next question

  • What’s the weirdest word in the English language (kerfuffle)
  • One person you’d like to have coffee with (… grandfather)
  • Country you want to visit (Australia
  • Twitter or instagram ( Instagram?)
  • If you could sing a duet with anyone who would it be (Nat King Cole)

No edits – straight on to next question

  •  proudest moment of your life (this right now)
  • Favorite curse word (Fuck)
  • Boxers or Briefs (boxer briefs)

Unanswered question:

  • What movie made you cry



1. The way he responds after he answers Australia as the county he would like to visit and Tyler says “you’ve never been” (5.55) there has been an issue with him going in the past and to him it was a stupid reason he hasn’t gone.

2. (6.00 – 6.07) Proudest moment of your life – Darren laughs and breaks (as does Tyler) and he does a classic gesture that is more common to someone else we all know




Couples tend to pick up gestures from one another over time (as we have seen with other things with these two)

And not to say Darren has NEVER rubbed his nose in an interview – but it is a definite thing done when a question comes up that causes pause, uncertainty, embarrassment, ect

But the answer was a toss away – WHAT DO YOU THINK WAS QUITE POSSIBLY THE PROUDEST MOMENT OF HIS LIFE – AND WHO DO YOU THINK WAS PART OF THAT?! He just can’t say it in an interview yet.   😉    Just saying….

I would guess the missing question was prior to this question

something he said, or the question he had been presented,caused him to relive the memory again and crack.

Fun interview – Fun Darren – Fun break down!

Stay Strong – it is ALL good!



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