Remember this about the day he went to the movies by himself?

Apply that to him attending the movies now.

Concerning the picture – think about these things:

  1. Ashley posted the picture on her IG – not Chris    IF this was a PR Stunt (likely – Will may work for Chris – but obviously he has ties to FOX – Chris can’t get his PA a job on the Glee set – he doesn’t have that much pull.) Chris was not happy about it –
  2. We know that Ashley and Will are friends – we know that Will is Chris’ PA/Bodygaurd
  3. We know that Chris won’t/can’t go to the movies alone.
  4. We also know he went to the movies a couple months ago – and yet – not a single picture was released of that…..hhmmmm………. so he could go to the movies with someone else and not require/avoid a PR shot.
  5. We know that  Chris has the ability to “camp up” a picture he is excited to be in – goes way beyond the facial expression he was wearing in this picture

I honestly don’t know what to say about Chris in the picture – he borders on bored and detached. while Will and Ashley are clearly “posing”

And we know how he feels about TMNT


Sorry but Chris does not look happy

Once it was Darren who looked miserable in some pictures, now it’s Chris too. Honestly, I can’t anymore. Let those boys live, PR!


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