Anonymous Said (I kept your comments in bolded throughout and broke it down piece by piece of your questions! thanks so much!!)

Hello Michelle!  Hello to you!

I was watching Chris’ KTLA interview and there are a couple of things that I find interesting: the first is the interviewer saying “your character is engaged to your sweetheart” and Chris ’answer is a ‘yes’

The reporter was really confused about Klaine, Chris and Darren. Oddly, Chris went with it instead of say the “glee is not a documentary” line

A couple of things stand out to me when I really went back and watched this video.

I wanted to start out by drawing your attention to the first few seconds of the edited clip

1. (0-3sec) Chris  stretches and intertwines his fingers – this is important as this is what he has learned during his years on Glee and doing interviews

it is his way of remaining in control and staying grounded on himself. It is a common focus technique.

  • he has used his hands very expressively before and they have deceived him 🙂

2. (3-9sec) Chris is actively listening and responding to the interviewer when he makes the quip about, “next time leave me your password and you’ll have no problem” and Chris replies with his “there you go, well that’s what it was before, so…” sassy retort

  • Chris breaks his hand hold and adjusts his chair – when the reporter made the comment – Chris had this immediate retort – and pulling away from eye contact and deflecting with the seat adjustment is a way of masking it in case it didn’t go over well.
  • The interviewer laughed loudly in response – and Chris returns to his last controlled position and interlaced fingers with a very self satisfied look that his quip went over well

The above was important to answer your question – to show how engaged he is in the interview and he is actively listening.

Remembering that Chris is a Debate Champ – and one of the most important parts of being a debate champ – is to TRULY LISTEN (you can’t dismantle an argument if you didn’t really listen to it)  and respond to what they are saying to keep the debate on your side.

Chris is VERY good at keeping conversations in the direction he chooses. and focuses or deflects it away from himself (like at book signings – he makes it about the fans)

so it is conclusive to say that Chris was HEARING exactly what they interviewer was saying – and CHOOSES to not correct the statement – but that doesn’t mean he didn’t THINK about it 🙂

  •  (10-15 seconds) Interviewer asks question about Kurt being engaged to “your” sweetheart.
  • take note of his fingers during the question – in particular his thumbs soothing and caressing one another. (I even played it again in slow motion for you 16 – 23 seconds) He releases his grip on the word sweetheart and allows his fingers to be loosely touching.
  • Note Chris’ slight intake of breath (visible in slow motion) at the same moment he breaks eye contact with the interviewer and looks up to his left (side note: looking up to the left is visualizing a “remembered” event) prior to saying “yes he is”. 
  • mleigh69:  He goes to lunch In the middle of his working day - knowing he is going to get back into costume for more shooting He takes the time to put his ring back on while he is in Darren mode That ring is so important to him that for his hour away from Blaine - he NEEDED IT TO BE IN PLACE!!! The same ring that he has worn consistently since Christmas break On his right middle finger at every event in between, before and after filming YEAH - STILL GOING STRONG!!!!!!!!!
  • Although clearly he brings the question back to Kurt – he did not correct the statement of the interviewer that Kurt was engaged to your/Chris’ Sweetheart.

So you need to convince me that Chris was NOT listening (already proven – no) or his intentionally did not correct the interviewer.

much like some of his others this summer

(if video loads here – Chris stating he has a boyfriend)

<p><em><a href=””></a></em></p>


The second is the speech he does about the ship name Klaine.

(23 – 42seconds)

  • First Chris breaks his hands apart and goes for the watch. TWICE.  The watch represents for him a source of comfort, grounding, and familiarity.
  • interesting that he calls out the “trend” that he has known about for almost three years.
  • image

It made me think about how Darren wrote Criss Colfer when captioned his picture on FB. He put a space between the names when generally the ship names are just a full name, like Klaine is. What do you think?

I found your parallel here very interesting and thought provoking.

I have no doubt that Chris was fully aware of Darren posting the picture from “love is a battlefield”.

And we all discussed it at length at the time

The choice and order of the names was obviously intentional – and to put them together as we do without the space between names – would have been a step too far that they could not risk.

but this could give more relevance to them discussing it and putting the space between names for more than one reason.


Thanks for all of your amazing works by the way! (Thank you!:)

 Things I needed to add:

A year ago – Chris said:

This year –  Chris is sharing that he has a boyfriend and imbedding “we” into conversations publically.

I think that is directly related to his comments about Kaline getting married

(43 – 100min mark) Chris got a lot of negative remarks about his statement here regarding Klaine getting married. Most assume that he doesn’t like Klaine. Funny, because I don’t see it that way at all.

I think Chris loves playing one half of Klaine. He loves playing it opposite of Darren. Their scenes are a testament to their abilities despite truly bad writing at (most) times.

 Although, openly Chris has stated, that he wants Kurt to be happy for himself – not because of someone else – or cause someone else’s happiness – but for himself.

If you really think about that – Kurt has been a whipping boy and plot point for other characters consistently for several years now.

So Chris is talking about wrapping up a story of two characters who’s story has been poorly told and written for the past two seasons.

Season four,  spent broken up

Season five, engaged but in different states – then together and not really happy till the final moment.

So I don’t blame him for being resistant to them marrying

He knows if Klaine gets married (especially right now considering the season six spoilers we have gotten) it isn’t because this relationship has been matured and worked at – it’s just to use the most popular couple and most fan demanded event they have left,  to bring in ratings.

Chris knows – and we know – Klaine deserves better – but sadly – Glee is where they exist.

(1.00– end) Chris talks about TLOS.

He mentions being a NY times best seller – and one of the interviews congratulates him

He says “thank you” in the middle of his sentence -again just pointing out him ACTIVELY LISTENING- and interrupting himself to respond.

We have discussed the selfies before – still loving the parallels!


 I did find it interesting that he says 80% of the fans at the book signing are not necessarily Glee fans – I don’t know where he gets that statistic – but I don’t agree with him.

I think he has a lot of new fans that are not Glee fans because of the books – yes.      

80% – don’t think so.

But an example of something Chris has clearly thought about – possibly discussed – and is his greatest desire

To stand apart from Glee and have his own PERSONAL success.

And he has.

Thanks again My Friend! 🙂


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