I was watching this old miarren video www*youtube*com/watch?v=rYOMVwTB8MI and noticed something. She looks at the camera (0:00) and quickly turns to AB to say something, he then says “ahhh smile” but in a discreet way, and she inmediately starts to smile (a little fake smile in my opinion). English isn’t my 1st language so I’m not sure, but her reaction leads me to think AB tells her to smile. Which would be very telling bc why would a publicist instruct his client’s GF if she is not under PR?
Hi there
yes you are right – she is looking right at the camera at 0.00 (and based on the angle of the shot – the camera/camera operator) are up on a stand above the average crowd – so yes it is HIGHLY visible – and since that is why she is there – she would take note)
But then also, Darren is fully aware of the camera on him.
I know this is an old one – and It most likely has been analyzed a lot –
I don’t know if I ever did or not – but since we are here
From the top of the video Darren’s posture, stance and walk are very ridged and uncomfortable – it most literally looks like he is taking the walk of shame.
Mia has better interaction with AB than she does with Darren – at least AB will refer to her by looking at her or speaking to her
Darren is on a mission and it has nothing to do with either of them.
 His goal was to get from point A to point B – period.
Every few seconds he does his “I’m not comfortable tells” with his head and shoulders (see at 0.7, 0.9 and 0.13 – to name a few)
When Darren looks back after putting a large distance between them – it is at the 19 & 20second point.
Interesting that when he does seem to be looking right at her – she is looking away from him and down to the ground – as if whatever it is he said is not something she wants to acknowledge. She has done this before when he speaks to her at public events – I would guess he is reminding them of something and she gets this “exhausted, tired ,bordering on pissed look on her face – that is what is seen here in the corner of the screen
AB comes up just behind Darren  and makes his way beside him – but Mia stays back.
Mia’s demeanor has changed just from the first point we have seen them in this clip. She isn’t acting giddy or happy any longer – and pays a lot more attention to her hair – that is her fidget to deal with the anger, resentment? and move on to her “goal oriented manner”. She is there for a reason –  which is to make connections and mingle with the crowd she is only  a part of because of Darren – she is reminding herself why this is something she had chosen to be part of.
There is NO mutual excitement about the event – no shared enthusiasm about being together – if they were a real couple I would think they had been fighting.
He is NOT protecting her – he is avoiding and ignoring her.
Protection does not involve staying 10 feet away and pretending she doesn’t exist for the most part.
Thanks for the note!

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