Daniel Radcliffe and his personal assistant –

So I was watching Daniel Radcliffe’s interview on Jimmy Kimmel and noticed he said he went to Comic-Con with his assistant. (At 0:47) He was disguised as Spider-Man and his assistant went in a Batman costume.

Curious about his assistant, I did some googling and discovered a few interesting things. First of all, his name is Spencer Soloman and they met in London 2011 when Spencer trained Daniel to dance for his upcoming role in “How to Succeed”:

At a recent rehearsal for “How to Succeed” at the New 42nd Street Studios Mr. Radcliffe had no trouble keeping pace with more experienced fellow performers. Watched by Mr. Ashford and Spencer Soloman, a dance tutor who worked one on one with Mr. Radcliffe in London, the ensemble practiced “Brotherhood of Man,” the show’s rousing penultimate number.

Secondly, Daniel and his personal assistant now share an apartment in New York city:

The tension between a protected and overexposed life still exists for Radcliffe. When he’s working in New York, he shares his apartment downtown with his personal assistant, Spencer Soloman, a 38-year-old former dancer and camera man, who became close with Radcliffe’s family when he was teaching the actor to dance for “How to Succeed.” Soloman and Sam [his bodyguard] function, in some ways, like older brothers: fun, but responsible and organized. Soloman plans Radcliffe’s schedule and talks to his father, agents and publicists two or three times a day; he might tell Radcliffe when he needs to shave for a photo shoot or search their apartment for a garment that his stylist wants him to wear for some occasion.

And finally, Spencer Soloman has produced a couple of indie short films but appears to need to earn an income by working as a personal assistant. I think he began working as Daniel’s PA during Kill Your Darlings (filming dates: March 12, 2012 to April 22, 2012 in NYC) : 

Spencer Soloman – Executive Producer

 Spencer has worked in theatre for 17 years as a dancer/actor/singer, associate choreographer, assistant casting director and resident director on many West End and Broadway shows. For the past 5 years he has turned his hand to the camera department working his way up from camera assistant to operator to steadicam operator on many projects ranging from sitcoms and dramas to feature films. He is now working on various film, television and theatre projects as personal assistant to Daniel Radcliffe. Our 2012 film “For George” was the first short film that he produced.

So, how strange that a personal assistant’s duties can involve accompanying their employer to public events like Comic-Con, communicating with the celebrity’s family and publicist, and even living with their boss, in some cases. And weird how it’s possible to work in film production while also needing a more steady, reliable income by working as a personal assistant. (Of course I’m not referring to anyone in particular)


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