Hi I talked to you before about the pictures they used for Chris’s intro on The Talk, well did you notice today on Access Hollywood, they again used pictures of him with Darren? Very interesting, I mean is his team the one that chose that intro, like on the The Talk?

Hi there, Again!!

I’m sorry this took me a bit to get to! Life!

Yes, the PR team typically provides all the videos, pics, ect that are to be show.

So lets be really obnoxious – on multiple levels here

First, the video clip they provided from Glee:

**Could they not find anything that was Kurt/Chris by himself – did he not do anything significant, funny, poignant that would showcase Chris – the one who was on the talk show?

**So similar to when he was on the talk – his PR (which also equates to Chris himself) chooses to have something that also points to Darren as an equal, a partner, as significant to Chris

**Then, They Choose American Boy – but not only American boy – this segment of American boy – and since we are being obnoxious – just watch it with a critical eye and observe what is happening:

  • Chris points to Darren on “you are my American boy”
  • Darren indicates to himself as if to say “who me”
  • Chris waves off June (June representing PR, June representing FOX, June representing those who want them to remain hidden, June representing all that tried to come between them)

Could it be random – of course – but just tie it all together in a really pretty package now

Chris can’t just say it out loud

But he can sure as hell point to it with a neon sign!

And whatever mixed up, delusional, over the top, tin hatting, destined for hell theories we all come up with…..

well there it is!

(that is respecting the contract – and walking a thin line – but he is a f!@! ninja – and he has amazing balance!)

All I can say is keep “listening” to them

Thanks for the note love!


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