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I have a CC challenge I think you might like, if you haven’t done it! When Kurt is helping Blaine dress for June’s party, Blaine turns to Kurt and says, “How do I look?” and that open, vulnerable expression Darren managed stopped my heart. Because the ONLY person’s approval he needs is Kurt’s, not rich fancy people. It reminded me of when Darren’s voice cracked on “That’s All” (say it’s me that you adore). It doesn’t matter how much adulation Darren gets, it’s only Chris’ love that matters.
Thanks for listening!

Ok – first – you hit on two things that I absolutely love – One Darren’s very open and raw vulnerability and two his performance of “That’s All”

so heck yeah – here we go.

In the scene getting ready to go – I honestly had not really looked intently at that moment before – I had looked at the entire scene and a lot of the undertones and CC parallels.


But you are right and in the video I slow motioned it at the moment (11 – 14seconds) that he expresses exactly what you said. His face literally changes and glides into the vulnerability in the expectation of the answer – he goes from taking care of himself – to watching and waiting for Kurt and that brings the change in his smile, the lift of his cheek bones and the glint in his eyes.  it’s the only answer he needs – it’s the only one he cares about.

If you watch the slowed moment again – watch Chris. it is a difficult angle – but look at his cheek bones – they are high – which shows he was smiling – the smile that Darren fell into – was directly relatable to the smile he was getting.

VS Darren:

During “That’s All” Darren always had a moment that stood out to me – but in watching it here 

I realized that his emotional attachment to the moment started sooner than I thought and carried through the ending.

The entire opening of the song is what he can do for the one he loves

The last paragraph is what he would wish for in return from the one he loves.

Darren said in his introduction that it is the simplicity of this song and it ‘s lyrics that really do tell just how simple love is when broken down and thought about.

(if you haven’t seen the entire song: )

When watching the video – it is better on full screen – the simple facial expressions are much more obvious that way.

at 28seconds is the first moment the song hits him – the reality of what love is to him and memories and feelings flood his mind.

at 32 seconds you see the vulnerability he feels in knowing this type of love exists for him  and the peace that comes over his face is the parallel to how we see Blaine with Kurt – he swallows hard as he senses the emotion is strong and he has to finish the song

“you’ll be glad to know that my demands are small” (36 – 40seconds)

 by tilting his head and chin – but his line of sight is not the audience – he is still holding tight to memories that are swimming in his head and filling his senses

from this point forward his eyes take on the glistening glow. This is the chemical reaction to the overwhelming feelings he is having

“say it’s me that you’ll adore” (42 – 49seconds)

He finishes the first part of the phrase before he pulls back from the piano and does his shoulder shrug and pinch his neck toward the same shoulder – this is how he physically fights for control in the moment – it’s like a ground for him (he does this in interviews a lot when the subject matter has caught him off guard)

“for now and evermore” (50 – 52seconds)

Darren went in to finish the phrase that he backed away from – but it proved difficult.  although he completed the sentence, his voice wavered with the emotion and he took a moment again away from the microphone.

one of the brilliant things about Darren is he truly believes and lives by the standard that a situation is only awkward if you allow it to be.

He didn’t feel awkward about the emotions he was having – he didn’t want the song to loose its value to the audience if he was having trouble emotionally.

So instead of pushing he paused (52 – 1.12)  and gave the audience a moment to absorb how powerful this was to him – the simplicity of love and that it should last forever.


In past performances he seems to always be able to re-gather his emotions quickly if he takes a second to give into them (he did this a couple of times during the Listen Up Tour – potentially more – but during the intro to Words in Silver Springs (around 30 – 40 second mark):

and also the infamous Teenage Dream in Toronto (which still astonishes me that he pulled through that):


He finishes the song with the repeats of “that’s all”

between the second and last – he takes his final moment with the words and all that they mean (1.19 – 1.27).

Very personal – very powerful – sang from his heart and soul – meant every word – felt every chord

Darren is one of those performers who is so in tuned with his audience that he feeds off of them. he is a musician that is able to both sing for himself and for his audience.

Even with highly charged emotional moments – he seems to draw strength when he shares that with the audience. He sees human emotion not as a hindrance – but a commonality – and  he shares – he grows stronger.

Thanks Love!


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