Some GIF’s came across my dash board and I got curious about them

so I sought out the video (above)

Darren filmed this video for pop sugar entertainment, during the filming of the prom sequence for season 2


Darren didn’t have a trailer for season two on the paramount lot – he was a guest star – not a regular.

So he spends two – three days (typical time it takes for these sequences) filming at paramount

Darren doesn’t know the New Directions very well yet – he has spent almost all his time to date with the Warblers at their location

So at Paramount, he has a friend who allows him to share his trailer

Three guesses who’s trailer he is in – do you need three?

From the first time he filmed at paramount (this was not the very first time – but you get my gist) he always had a trailer to use

The same one he uses to this day

with the same friend

Just makes me happy to know it has always been this way!

Thought I would share


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