It seems like Darren and Chris stand very close to each other all the time even when they are not in character. They have no sense of personal space. I don’t stand that close to my husband.


Yeah – it’s very interesting – especially as they seamlessly fall into these positions in the most casual of circumstances


Standing side by side as they engage in conversation with others

What it shows is their united stance – couples take this position – not as a defense – but rather an offense – it visually represents their understanding of them as a unit

They pull into close stances which offers support – and at times a moment shared between just them

And it’s not just the lack of personal space – its the absolute willingness to reach out and touch on impulse (this is not a typical non-couple thing – I’m sorry it’s just not!)

And these are the un-posed moments

Then there are the professional ones

yes – there are many actors who would strike these poses with their acting partners – but not if there wasn’t a great deal of mutual trust and understanding of boundaries. (so to imply that the depth and nature of this friendship is not special to both of them is ridiculous and asinine – all you have to do is look at them!) And keep in mind these photos were taken for this cover late Janauary 2011 (they had known each other for approx 6 months)

Many times when they are posed – they mirror

Standing side by side is what they do – personal space is irrelevant – beside each other is where they long to be – it is mutual –  they don’t think about it – they gravitate willingly!


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