Would there be any way that you could make a master post of all of klaine kisses in slow mo? I know it would take a while, but i would love to see it!
Anonymous asked you:
When kissing is it Klaine or Crisscolfer?
When Chris and Darren get into character for the camera – they are to the best of their abilities in Kurt and Blaine mode
But the line between Character and performer is very thin and can be crossed back and forth easily dependent on the circumstances.
I am not suggesting that they “dropped” character (so don’t send the mail)
I am saying that Chris and Darren have natural reflexes (as do all of us) that kick into being even when we are pretending to be other people.
When actors are to kiss there is always a mutual understanding of how it is to happen.
They can agree on closed mouth, open mouth, no mouth that is masked by the angle or a random arm or hand movement
Always at the comfort of all actors involved.
If the expectations are very clear in the script then the actor that is chosen knows this coming in and will accept or decline the part based on that – but there is no going back or declining to do it after signed without risking loosing the job.
In the instances with Blaine and Kurt – I would be hard pressed to believe there was ever a stage direction that read:
“Kurt begs entrance into Blaine’s mouth with his tongue – Blaine opens mouth and Kurt explores hungrily taking in every sensation and taste”
Everything they did – they did understanding their limits and boundaries
Which, when Chris and Darren drop inhibitions and let their natural reflexes and responses to one another happen – there are zero boundaries between them.
Enjoy the video – added a little music (couldn’t believe the timing was perfect for the performance version – Love this song!)
Lovely Sunday all!
Master post to all HC’s :

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