HC ( 87/100)

AOM was beautiful but it’s so painful to watch with the parallels and especially to see it mean so much to darren and how he gets teary but what has the most impact in the scene for me is how you can see it’s hurting chris to see darren like that… it’s devastating
can you do a cc related post on “all of me” once again, glee is not a documentary
First off I would be willing to wager one of my children (NOTE: I said willing – they are kind of precious to me 😉 that Darren requested this song
Second – it is the BEST he has ever sounded! (agreed upon by reviews) His tone, pitch and quality was a whole new level for him
When performing on a subject that really truly means something to us personally – we transport to another place where the sounds we make become almost ethereal – the soul speaks in a voice all it’s own and it comes through.
This song was the perfect punctuation on a season full of CrissColfer crossover moments ( I will speak of them as Chris and Darren in this moment – not Klaine – if note your thing – stop now!)
(Side Note: I am working on a post of all of them now that goes back to the very first episode of season 5 – they told a story using Klaine’s story as a front – that paralleled  – but the coincidences are just TOO many!)
This song is Darren’s soul – he opened it up and let it out
I felt like the choices visually of this moment were so powerful for a multitude of reasons.
Sitting alone at table – in a room in disarray and waiting to be set to order. The chairs stacked high and open bar backs giving the impression of prison walls closing in around him.
A man; searching, hoping and praying for wisdom.  He sits at the table alone with delicious treats that were laid out before him – a metaphor. He has been offered the sweetness of life with success – but what will it cost him. Who is he willing to become to have that success.
He Knows without doubt he can find meaning when he is struggling.
So he finds it where he always finds it – in music.
A beautifully shined and perfectly tuned grand piano. The only item in the room that has solidity.
“Music to me is the sound of meaning. It’s the embodiment of things you can’t put into words. It’s the empowerment of ideas through sound.” DC,2012
Unlike the acoustic version of Teenage Dream – this is not about regrets – this is not about begging and pleading for forgiveness that you yourself know you don’t deserve.
This was about a journey to self recognition and understanding.
This was about growing up in a world that is not always fair – and the game is not always played honestly.
This was about committing to what you know to be real and face the consequences of choices.
at 53seconds – he makes a punctuation mark with a high note on the piano – his hand gesture (he hits the note and pulls his hand up away from the keyboard)  proves the punctuation intended here – and also the degree to which he is pouring himself into the song.
1.30 “Cards on the table. Were both showing hearts”
Chris enters the room – specific words chosen for entrance (the song has been heavily edited down to this length – there are no coincidences here.
“Risking it all, though it’s hard”
The risks for them are mighty – both professionally and personally – they know this – they have accepted it – but it does not make it any easier.
The time may come when it will be pushed too hard – and it could break.
He sees that Chris has entered the room and he sings to him – it is a song of love with a hint of melancholy – and it is that that Chris responds to  – which is why his response is one of confusion and interpretation of meaning.
The words of the song say it all – it’s what they know and feel without reserve for the other
The commitment is eternal
The depth of love immeasurable
The struggles unavoidable
But in the end – it is Chris who comes to the room carrying needed nutrition – not just the sweets promised by not always well intended investors
Chris’ love will always be the provider of the only sweets vital to his life.
Thanks for the prompts you all! 🙂
I do have a page set up as a master post of all the prompts I have done thus far
Much love to you all – Their strength is our strength! 🙂
Let those who will listen – hear,   and those who will look – see

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