First – remember this:


And note all that has taken place in the weeks since

And how many interviews he has done over the past two and a half years that all circle around the same dead horse of his straightness (interesting timing that this all began just after Glee Live – hmm – so many coincidences)

There are no coincidences here – and Darren is as worn out as the rest of us.

Yet, no matter how hard it is for us – imagine this from his perspective – he is living this nightmare and trying to find reasons to remain positive and love the life he has been given.

He speaks to those who will hear – make sure you are listening.

The intro

He is wearing purple socks with his predominately blue outfit – yes he loves colorful socks – yes it could be random – but again he KNEW what this interview was about – listen


Believe it was a coincidence if you must – but when they start to add up – question the very definition of coincidence and then realize how smart this man is.

Talk about Glee

(1.47) “your character on the show is openly gay”

Jaw line is already stiff – first forced breath – he literally checks out of the interview for a few moments (you can see in his eyes that he is there and listening to her – but he is NOT hearing her

(notice the camera – they went in for a close up and quickly came out of it to a long shot)

(1.52)His check out is most apparent when he lets slip by “you are the biggest break out star of the show” (Daren would not have let that go by without a reaction – think of Kathy griffin show when he was compared to Lilly Tomlin and JTF)


It has been stated time and again how self deprecating Darren is – how humble – how down to earth – and yet he is so zoned out in this moment he totally missed it. (re-watch moment at 28seconds when she tells him he looks better in person – that would be similar to what he would have done had he heard her – he was thinking ahead to what was coming)

(1.53) “lost your virginity”  His response is at 1.55 – just the slowness of his response here shows you he checked out – when he is engaged in conversation he is much faster with retorts like this – he is so good at improv in general – this was an easy quip (but he was not in the moment – which you have to be to do improv)

(2.33) Wendy stutters – she starts to move into the “your straight” dialogue but then goes to the season finale – there was an order to what she was supposed to talk about and she almost messed it up (she is being prompted too)

her transition to ‘you play gay on the show – but you’re straight in real life” is awkward both in timing and delivery – She could sense his discomfort – he is sitting two feet away – you can tell when someone has checked out on you.

In the GIF below and in the video at 2.50 I slowed down this moment so you can see his expressions.

When she says “you play gay on the show” he nods his head and says “yeah”

When she says “but you’re straight in real life?”

he hesitates, he rotates his head toward the audience (looks straight into the camera and says “yeah…” as in “sure if that’s what you want to keep saying and making me say. Even watch his hand gesture – it is false enthusiasm implying insincerity of the word. (moment number one several of his team held their breath during that interview)

Then goes into this over the top dramatization that completely diffuses his PR teams “oh crap” moment. Even Wendy wasn’t expecting it from him – look at her face. He had been still and fairly low key and suddenly this?!

(2.51) I did a slow motion from the moment she says “you play gay…” so you can see his reactions more clearly.


Wait – is he talking about real life now or the show and his notably gay character? She asked about real life?

Hint: things he has learned


(PR “oh crap” moment number two)

Are you still hearing him?!

TALKING ABOUT KLAINE (with undertones)

When he first goes into this segment – his speech pattern quickens and when he breathes between sentences it is tight inhales of air.

3:35: “the normalcy that that is now. I don’t even think that he is a gay character anymore. I think that is a large part of where our culture is at. You don’t even think about these two kids being two gay teenagers. These two kids that you like. they like each other. They should be together. So hell yeah. That’s it. There’s nothing to think about.”

He has taken a journey that has brought him to this place and mind set.

I don’t think Darren ever thought the love of his life was going to be a man. But when it happened he (like all of us) takes a journey of acceptance of our choices in our culture and community.

He personally may not care – because he isn’t closed minded – but he had to come to a place where he wasn’t thinking about anything other than the basics:

This is the most emphatic and strongly phrased thing he says the entire interview.

These are not just words – his eyes are bulging – his arms are ridged from intent of movement and overall emphasis – this is beyond personal – this is at the core of his existence and he is fighting to make it heard (are you listening)

Darren realized things about himself and everything changed.” @beardvonglitz


interestingly these are GIFs I found with the interpretation of what he said

So one GIF at a time – what he said out loud – what his body contradicted


WORDS: “oh, of course” (of course there is a someone special – whom I have come onto this show to nonchalantly drop into the middle of this interview segment as if I did not know this was going to happen) Note he never qualified what she was to him – but to her he is

“The boring ball and chain” (Someone who won’t let you do or go anywhere without him/her. someone or Something/someone holding you back from what you really want to do.)

There’s a sincere term of endearment.

Body language: As soon as the question is asked and he says the first syllable of “oh” his right hand takes to petting his right leg. Palm completely flat and griping with his fingers. It is his attachment to the “real” as he works through this segment.

He looses eye contact with Wendy almost immediately. His voice goes into complete monotone (compare to the Klaine segment he JUST did). His eyes show little to no emotion, no smile, no spark, no nothing – just words that are empty and lack relevance or truth to him.

  • How to make a quip that holds meaning to you – the small smile prompted by a memory that makes the statement sweet and sentimental at the same time:

  • How one should look when someone brings up someone you care about in an interview


 WORDS: “I’ve been with my same girl. long time”

Body language: looking away, at the floor, and shaking his head no. slurring his words, incomplete sentences (this is Darren – king of words you have to look up in a dictionary to understand him and public speaking?!)

  • What someone’s face should look like when they are recalling any type of a memory of someone who they have a strong emotional tye and bond and is currently relieving a memory of any kind
  • image


WORDS: Whatever he said here is not clear. I don’t believe it was what is presumed in the GIF – and not it is not because I don’t believe that he is dating Mia  – it’s because when you watch (especially the slow motion) he only says three words – and it doesn’t match.

It appears the final word is “much” – but other than that with Wendy talking over him – unclear.

However, he looks back at Wendy when he said it – but it is because she talked over him and drew his attention back

Right hand still working on the leg.


Words: “so is she, so it helps”

Body language:

First the hand gesture after she says “that’s attractive” . Inner dialogue “well shit if you say so”. It’s a shrug – an exacerbation – throwing your hands up

then, laugh it off with a joke – his smile isn’t even a half smile, his eyes show no visible enjoyment of it, he is uncomfortable, he still avoids eye contact and looks to the floor.

  • When making a loving joke about someone you care about and are “presenting” publically
  • image

I slowed this whole moment down where he discusses  (starting at 4) watch him as he words uncomfortably through it all)


This is supposed to be a spontaneous and fun moment – but
they tried to show me this before hand”

Yes these shows are planned – the questions are known – the actors and their PR get approval.


His genuine smile back actually reaches his eyes which:

 divert to the Left side of the photo (slow motion starting at 5:30 so you can see it

Guess who is at the bottom left of the photo  🙂


Still going so Strong!

Please send them love and support – Believe in them! they need it now more than ever!


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