HC (86/?)

CrissColfer Edit of Brain Busters

I kept most of their moments – but tried to narrow it down to the moments when CrissColfer was pretty obvious – played it at regular speed then slowed it down. I also loved seeing Chris laughing so much (I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see him giggling at that sound so much.

and then Darren making it a priority to hit that button as many times as he could –

even when Chris got the answer wrong –

it appears Darren was following the “how to use this button for Chris Colfer instruction guide (as written by Darren Criss) – not Brain Busters

(if you haven’t seen the full video you may want to for understanding – but If you have watched it as many times as I have already – well this is an easy thing to track)


First eleven seconds – Darren is supposed to be doing the opening music for this segment (clearly not the first take “I’ll do that again”)

Chris tried not to laugh as he was judging Darren’s musical prowess at this skill

But the tight lipped smile on Chris’ face  below the judging eyes – it was an “he does this all the time” look (he has seen this side of Darren so often – and as much as he would like to deny it makes him laugh every time – he just can’t)


Introduction of Chris Colfer (the look, the gaze, the point, the smirk on the left side of his lip, the eyebrows – the way Chris’ name sounds like an adjective that so perfectly describes the man sitting next to him)


Words for Lea Michele

Chris hits the button for the first time(indicating that is all she is going to hear – is all of his correct answers) but the sound causes the first giggle reaction(we don’t see Darren’s reaction to this moment of discovery – but as the game continues – he monopolizes on it as soon as he knows it was not a one time event)


Sue Sylvester Question

Chris’ answer – Wrong.

Darren hits the wrong buzzer – gives the correct answer and then hits the right button ( which is sitting on Chris knee)

** But watch what Darren does – he reaches to hit the button and then looks up at chris as he does hit the button – he is checking to see if the reaction will be the same as the first time Chris hit it.

It is – As soon as Chris starts to Giggle he smiles and turns forward – but he can’t contain the joy that that brings him and he breaks out into giggles himself – he has learned something about Chris and he can’t contain it.

(now he has a mission)


“The ELF references are to me”

“Yeah they just go to you”

Of course they are all about you love – of course (inner dialogue)

The answer was of course wrong (if he hit the wrong buzzer they edited it out)

but since Darren agreed with Chris’ rationale he had to –

Watch what Darren does as opposed to the previous time – the last time he proved it to himself what the reaction would be this time – he was proving it to us.

He reaches for the buzzer and then stares at the camera – he is daring us to not believe that it won’t happen

that is how confident he is in the expected reaction – what that should tell you is how well he knows Chris – when Chris finds something that elicits that response from him it is repeatable -Darren is banking on it – it’s like his wager face –  let that sink in for a moment 😉

They edited Darren’s reaction – but you can see the smile starting to gather there – he knows he has him in the palm of his hand (or the buzzer on his knee so to speak)

He doesn’t care that Chris didn’t know the answer (and that is two so far) he only cares about the giggle he gets out of him when he hits that button.

(we all enjoy seeing our friends laugh and giggle – and there are certainly times we do everything in our power to make it happen – but that doesn’t even begin to explain this. Darren was literally consumed with his now self appointed quest)



Darren doesn’t say this as a nickname – it’s a pet name – it is meant with the utmost love and respect and admiration – there was absolutely NO animosity or spite in the words – he loves that Chris is his “Mr Smarty Pants”


Name of Brittany’s cat:

Darren knew that Chris would laugh at the “chord overstreet” answer – so he leaned in and anticipated it.

When he got it he was so excited to hit the buzzer (for the giggle) that he hits the button with a little too much enthusiasm causing it to fall into Chris lap

But Darren can’t let his mistake hinder what he wants – so he continues to reach with his finger for that button with determination – he will not be denied that giggle (despite it’s current inappropriate place to reach in and still grab for it with your friend)


Small moment of interaction

“Chris colfer, my friend, how you know so much glee trivia is beyond me”

Darren shrugs his left shoulder right at the end of his sentence – chris mirrors it.


American Idol

Chris reaches for the buzzer before Darren can – but you can see the anticipation on Darren’s face


“Everything I say is right”

This is such a classic married couple moment – this is the moment I watched over and over

Chris makes the comment (knowing he is being snarky and opening a big door for Darren)

Darren’s initial response is the head nod and “well duh” look

Then they mirror each other – Chris thinks he got away with it


Darren raises his hand to his shoulder level with the wrong buzzer at the ready –  as Chris raises his hand to scratch his nose  (mirror moment)

Darren hits the wrong buzzer with emphasis and in full view of the camera and Chris – it was a response without words

When Chris realized that Darren was buzzing in reaction to what he said he was like “oh yeah”

Chris is holding the buzzer now in his left hand (editing didn’t show when he took it off his knee) but because he did – he was able to buzz immediately back with the right buzzer (which brings on the full out grin again)

This is such a couple thing – and the timing was perfect – even when it appears they are not fully focused on each other – they are fully focused on each other and listening


Chris struggling with the answer to the “cake” question

Darren so over dramatically points his finger and aims down at the buzzer on his own knee and taunts Chris knowing that he is struggling with an answer about his own character


“Who does Chris Colfer…..(pause for effect, shrug shoulders, consider, re-read the question) play?”

In this moment (as Chris was leaning into Darren and waiting for the completion of the question) I thought for sure Darren was going to say “Date”

I know probably not – but how overly dramatic Darren was – how he had to reference the card again in front of him – he was debating over that final word.


Chris: “I’m gonna say” (moving his left hand to his buzzer anticipating the right answer)

Darren: “Think about it”

Again just very playful and giving into the silliness of the question since Chris is going to play along


Chris buzzer hit after “Kurt” is given as an answer

 Darren reaches out to hit Chris’ buzzer when he sees that Chris’ hand is already there

He still makes a jabbing motion as Chris hits the button as he draws back his arm

But as soon as Chris giggles – Darren smiles to himself and points at Chris because of his reaction to the sound that still happens)


With the nicknames just liked that Chris chose “homochio” as one of his nicknames (self appointed and written by Chris)


Final statement by Darren – and since he already said they have played this quiz pro on set (and Chris expansive knowledge base of random facts and that he hits the “random” button on Wikepedia)

If one of us is to play this game and

“If some stranger schools you – it’s probably Chris”

Never Forget:

“People like to wake up next to smart. If you can’t hold a conversation, get out. People who understand the dynamics of a conversation, that is the sexiest thing in the world.” – Darren Criss


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