What’s with Darren’s killer kissing technique when he needs to rotate down and up? Was it only with Chris or with any other on-screen partners too?
I tried to make my own video – but it wouldn’t load to You Tube because of fox content – so I found this one – shows every kiss Darren did on screen (and one harry potter one) before Glee up to the first Klaine kiss – which your question was in response to my post about that kiss (here’s a link to it if you didn’t see it and have no idea what I am talking about: )
As to your question
No , Darren does not deepen his kisses with his co-stars except for Chris.
; )
They (Darren and other co-stars) will go through the motions, even move as if it is being deepened – but you can tell it is still “acting”.
When actors deepen a kiss it is mutually agreed upon and discussed (especially the use of tongues) – to do so without the others boundaries clearly understood and respected would be un-professional.
(no where in a Glee script will you ever find the words – “their tongues collided between their lips”)
What I love most about  Klaine (Chris & Darren) kisses:
  • How they slot together so effortlessly and without hesitation – almost as if they have done it so many times it doesn’t require concentration – just desire.

  • How Darren always chases after the kiss at the end – not ready to stop

  • How when on level ground (or tables) Darren will go up on his toes to come down on Chris’ lips – but Chris tilts his head to the side then down and upward so they meet in the middle between the small height difference

  • How even chaste kisses are met with the same intensity as full on passionate kisses

  • How Darren doesn’t need a script to tell him to kiss Chris – even if it’s just on the cheek (and supposed to be a hug)

Watch him carefully – he tilts slightly toward Chris’ cheek, neck, ear when he is going to kiss – otherwise his Chin goes straight back over Chris’ shoulder and he tucks it into the curve of Chris’ neck.

But most of all – I love their kisses – because Darren got Chris to say this in an interview……..


Thanks for the question hon!

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