Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm – Darren Criss

I just saw this performance for the first time and I was wondering why nobody is ever obnoxious about it. 

At first, I was just thinking “Oh yeah, he is just singing a song he really likes and he doesn’t care that it was written for a girl. No different the any of the other songs he sings, right?”, but then he starts singing and it sounds like he is actually singing for somebody. He is so full of emotion, even more so than normal. He isn’t even acting here. He is just singing a song and it is so full of emotion. I tried to tell myself not to get to obnoxious about it, but then the end comes and he fucking adds the bit about gay marriage (at about 3:00) ..

“I’ll be so happy to keep his dinner warm 
‘Til the state of California 
And all fifty states in this great nation of ours 
Decides and recognizes 
And allows us to get married downtown. “

Yeah, so I’m going to be obnoxious about it because Darren wants to marry Chris. Bye.

This was at Trevor Live right?

Actually, this was at the Outfest Legacy Awards in October, 2012. Darren presented the show and also presented Craig Zadan & Neil Meron (producers behind the Oscars and How To Succeed, to name but two) with the Visionary Award.

Both Zadan and Meron hold Darren very dear to their hearts. This is a little piece of an interview they did with AfterElton, in which they mention Darren:

And the thing that makes it even more joyful for us is the fact that our adorable, wonderful, sweet, talented Darren Criss is going to perform and present the awards. We’re so grateful to him that he’s going to do this because it comes from a very, very emotional place for us. We think so highly of him.

(You can read the full interview here: Interview: Neil Meron & Craig Zadan)

This performance was amazing for a number of reasons – one obviously being the part he added in at the end which, no matter how many times I hear it, always brings tears to my eyes. But also for how incredibly he sang it. He puts so much passion and emotion into it. It’s captivating.

One of my all-time favorite performances by Darren.


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